Rummy Drop 2.4

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The fast action of Tetris with the card-playing logic of Solitaire!  Check out the links below for more detailed information on how to download, play, register, and win at Rummy Drop.

Like Tetris, the rules for Rummy Drop are simple:  use the arrow keys to maneuver your card and drop it onto one of the stacks.  Whenever you stack three cards of the same kind (e.g. 3 Jacks) or three or more cards in a straight flush (e.g. 8, 9, and 10 of Spades), the cards will collapse and shorten the stack.  Otherwise, the cards just keep piling up, and the game ends when there's no room for the next card. 

Easily said, but not easily done!  Your cards appear in random order, and inevitably they're not the ones you want.  Luckily, you can use the space bar to swap your card for another one from the deck.  But if you really want to win at Rummy Drop, you'll need to use a bit of Solitaire logic to stack up your cards in a strategic way! 

Rummy Drop version 2.4 includes four different ways to play (One Deck, Easy Going, The Purist, and Infinity), plus the ability to customize your own rules and color schemes.  It has sound effects and background music, and the registered version tracks your top ten high scores.  Download your copy of Rummy Drop today!

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