Alternate %^#*! Words

We finally got basic cable here at Haversack -- hurrah!  And one thing we've come to notice is just how difficult it is for TV producers to show modern movies on G-rated television, due to the fact that R-rated movies are so much more prevelant than the G and PG-rated ones.  So here are a few ideas to help them out.   First, some alternative swear words:

  • gee willikers
  • gracious me
  • great scott
  • heaven's to betsy
  • gee whiz
  • durn
  • balderdash
  • cripes
  • blimey
  • shoot
  • drat
  • land sake's
  • jeepers
  • blast and tarnation
  • jiminy
  • gadzooks
  • huzzah
  • by jingo
  • pshaw
  • hot diggity
  • criminy
  • my word
  • egads

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